Our clients are:

  • Businesses looking to grow or make strategic acquisitions in Finland or abroad
  • Foreign companies seeking to establish themselves in Finland
  • Private Equity firms wanting to conduct buy-outs or industry consolidations
  • Individuals interested in acquiring businesses on the verge of generational handovers, often via Management Buy Ins (MBI) or Management Buy Outs (MBO)

Our partnership in IMAP comes to great use for Finnish companies investigating acquisition opportunities abroad. We bring together IMAP’s vast network and proficiencies.

The phases of an acquisition process vary, but typically they are the following:

The Preparations and Analysis phase

An extensive analysis and evaluation of the acquisition criterias and targets are essential for a successful acquisition. We spend time and effort on planning and analyzing targets in order to create a good understanding and a good base for negotiations with the seller and sellers`s advisors.

The Contact and Negotiations phase

We take overall responsibility for contacting potential acquisition targets, which guarantees an effective steering and management of the process―from time scheduling and buyer contact to preparations, meetings and feedback. We maintain the dialogue with the target companies in order to keep up the momentum in the process.