Valuations are an important part of the acquisition process. However, independent valuations are needed in other situations as well. Our strengths are our extensive experience in valuations and acquisition multiples, deep knowledge and understanding of financing theory, as well as in advanced valuation methods. In addition, we have access to unique industry transaction price data through our IMAP partners. This creates a realistic basis for reliable enterprise value estimates.

In addition to M&A processes, valuations are needed in other situations as well; in generation shifts, in the sale of various assets and businesses, in structuring of minority interests and in management buy-out transactions. Our services also include independent valuations and fairness opinion engagements.

Financial Services

We help buyers and sometimes also sellers to create an efficient financial package for the target company in order to facilitate the transaction. The knowledge of the available financing instruments are of paramount importance in building up these financing packages for different situations.   


Sometimes the best way to enhance the future competitiveness of a company is to merge it with another company. Through a merger the physical and financial resources of two companies can be used more cost-effectively in a larger setup. Mergers often require complex arrangements in which an external advisor can help the merging partners in finding viable solutions and objective valuations for the merging firms.