IMAP presents two new industry reports

These two reports are within Medical Equipment & Supplies and Global Pharma & Biotech.

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Global Pharma & Biotech:

In 2012, we observed approximately 450 transactions involving targets in the sector, i.e., pharma and biotech companies, diagnostic product providers, and service providers to the pharma and biotech industry. This number is about 10% lower than in 2011, but still much higher than in 2010. The year 2012 did not bring the very large transactions seen in 2011, such as the Sanofi / Genzyme or Takeda / Nycomed combinations. Medical Equipment & Supplies:

The medical equipment and supplies sector grew by 5.6% in 2011 and is currently worth £214bn. This is forecast to grow to £276bn by 2016. In 2012 the sector saw only marginal revenue growth due to market volatility caused by a range of factors including a decline in private insurance, the public funding squeeze, and reduced demand as individuals and authorities tried to support non-surgical strategies prior to any surgical procedure intervention.