Mediq acquires ILS Laboratories Scandinavia Oy

Mediq Finland Oy has acquired all the shares of ILS Laboratories Scandinavia Oy. The acquisition strengthens Mediq’s position in Finland as a clinical laboratory diagnostics provider.

Mediq, which operates in 15 countries, is an international healthcare company providing pharmaceuticals, medical devices and related care services. Mediq employs about 8 300 people and its turnover in 2012 was € 2.6 billion.

ILS Laboratories Scandinavia Oy is a clinical laboratory diagnostics importer, which is specialized in marketing, sales and maintenance of diagnostic instruments, reagents and supplies for critical care, hemostasis and electrophoresis. ILS Laboratories Scandinavia Oy expertise and product portfolio provide new synergistic addition to Mediq's business.

ProMan advised the Sellers throughout the whole sales process.