PRP-Porvoo Oy acquired Porvoon Peltimestarit Oy’s business assets

Seinäjoki based company Pohjanmaan Rakennuspelti Oy’s established subsidiary company PRP-Porvoo Oy has acquired Porvoon Peltimestarit Oy’s window and other sheet metal manufacturing business. Porvoon Peltimestarit has a strong market position as a manufacturer of window and other sheet metal battens needed in building reconstruction and renovation. The Compay’s geographical business area has been in South Eastern and Southern Finland. Pohjanmaan Rakennuspelti which has clearly a larger product and service portfolio has supplied similar products in Western Finland.

Porvoon Peltimestarit Oy’s main owner Heikki Alèn, who will continue to work for the new company, commented that the acquisition creates good service entity which has an ability to serve batten customers comprehensively on a broader geographical area. Pohjanmaan Rakennuspelti Oy’s and PRP-Porvoo Oy’s CEO Ossi Viljanen comments that the acquired business offers good opportunities to serve Porvoon Peltimestarit Oy’s customers on a broader product and service portfolio and taking advantage the acquired businesses special knowledge in the whole group.

ProMan advised the Seller throughout the whole sales process.