Sale of Team Electric Companies to AUCTUS

Team Electric
Sale of Team Electric Companies to AUCTUS

Team Electric is an international provider of electrical solutions for cruise ships and ferries. The company delivers turnkey projects to new vessels in preparation and also offers maintenance work of older vessels. Prior to the transaction, Team Electric comprised five companies delivering projects internationally. The company is headquartered in Finland. The estimated revenue for 2018 is ca. 17 million euros.


Team Electric’s strategy is to provide electrical turnkey projects globally concentrating on project management, collaborative design with ship architects and ship designers, cost effective procurement directly from manufactures and resource management through its international organization.

German private equity investor AUCTUS specializes in boosting the growth of German and international niche companies. One of AUCTUS’s investment focuses is companies that are active in rapidly growing niche industries and have the opportunity to achieve a leading international position on the market. Team Electric is an excellent addition to AUCTUS’s investment portfolio as it possesses a significant amount of growth potential, a number of additional acquisition possibilities and a highly motivated management team.


ProMan IMAP Finland advised Team Electric through the transaction process.